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LAAGER 18 November Newsletter

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LAAGER 18 November Newsletter


After a very busy, festive season it’s great to think we can all now look forward to our January outspan coming up and (Yay) we have managed to get out the Newsletter before we meet again.

After a very shaky start regarding whether the “Christmas” outspan dates needed to be moved due to the bad weather, all that joined us on the weekend at Yellow Sands Resort were blessed with loads of fun, laughter and great food.

First to arrive was the Ramsay’s – the half section of our “community hall”. The Bowker’s arrived next, delaying the set up of their site until the other half of the Community Hall arrived being The Waters’. Parking their vans together to carefully measured distances by more than one of our members, the extended sections of the awnings met perfectly giving us the biggest dining, entertainment area that we could ever wish for.

Friday evening was our usual sit down and relax braai evening, which most of us managed to get cooked before the rain interrupted the process for a short while. Ending the evening once again were the usual late stayers making sure the last of the embers had died down….

Saturday morning began with a heavy drizzle but not enough to dampen the spirits… some managed to get a good stroll up the beach collecting shells along the way. The pool was a distraction for some while we got Saturday afternoon off to a very busy start with everyone being “all hands-on deck” sorting out our Christmas deco in the adjoining awnings and the cleaning of the prawns, preparation of the steaks and all the additional food.

The Kiddies Christmas party was a real treat in the afternoon with a Treasure hunt (one of the clues – have a selfie with mad Santa) and brilliant goody bags put together by Alexa and Belinda (and Gillian assisting) HUGE thank you for all your hard work leading up to the kid’s party. Father Christmas arrived on the Golf Cart bringing lovely gifts for the eager kids.

Our Christmas meal was an absolute treat – starters being Phyllo pastry savoury tartlets, main course, Surf and Turf with HUGE prawns and amazing steak and Calamari – pudding, the now favoured Chocolate Lava pudding and ice cream. Thank you to all that did their part in making our Laager 18 Christmas meal and party so enjoyable.

Sunday dawned with a good many folk rather tired but in jolly spirits and the day took over from the evening before. Children and adults alike made good use of the pool and the beach and the atmosphere in the camp was a very chilled, relaxed day.

Indaba was very entertaining, the fines flowing and lovely gifts handed to each family sharing out the excess left overs from the NAGM.

Packing up was a little rushed as some trying to beat the impending rain.

Once again, we are blessed with the Laager 18 family we have, the fellowship and caring natures of all and the absolute excellent “A” team we become when things need to get done.

It was a challenging year with our fund raisers and hosting of the NAGM but we aced it and we can all be extremely proud of the outcome and positive feedback received from all over the country.

Here’s to another wonderful 2020 with our monthly outspans giving us that much needed R&R from our busy lives.

Yours in Camping
Glynis & the rest of Committee


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