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Laager 1 Newsletter February 2020

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Laager 1 Newsletter February 2020

Hi Everyone

Welcome to our hot, humid and windy February newsletter – it’s hard to imagine that while we are dripping and seeking relief under our fans, our families on the other side of the world are desperately seeking warmth from their central heating systems.

Going up – we have 2 members celebrating their birthdays this month
Jackie Morgan on the 5th and Jill Etchells on the 12th.

NEXT OUTSPAN: MacNICOLS, BAZELY, CARAVAN PARK: 14 – 16 FEBRUARY 2020. Lagoon View sites [same as last time]

Per adult per night - R172.00
Per Pensioner per night - R114.00
Per child per night - R86.00
DISC FEE - R5.00

The plans for this weekend are as follows:
FRIDAY p.m.: Arrive and settle in
SATURDAY ± 2.30 p.m.: Please bring a plate of sweet or savoury goodies for our tea table - thank you
SATURDAY ± 7.00 p.m.: Braai time – please bring a delicious salad for the communal table – again thank you

Don’t forget you can pay your Outspan fees with an EFT to our banking account [just don’t forget to send Fred a copy of your deposit]:

BRANCH CODE: 260 225
ACCOUNT No. 62693349823

Highlights of the first Outspan of 2020

Sandra and I already knew beforehand that there were not going to be too many Families at the 1st Outspan of the year at Karridene. Some were too busy with work and other commitments, while others like Fred and Joan sadly had tow-vehicle problems. It really was a great pity, as the weekend turned out to be one of the best.

When Sandra and I arrived in boiling heat at around 10H00 on Friday, we found only Bud and Cathy all set up, together with Grand Daughter Candice, next to them in her own tent. Our arrival
coincided with that of Kurt and Rosalie, a couple who were first-time visitors to Laager 1, keen to sample the “Trekkers Way” of doing things. Not with standing departing Karridene on Sunday with decidedly much lighter loads in their respective wallets, Kurt and Rosalie have already indicated their presence at MacNicols for the February Outspan. Even with Kurt turning out to be an almost “Serial Offender” over the weekend, it appears that this was not enough to put them off. Great job Guys. In fact, it did not take too long after doing the introductions, for Kurt to “ring up” his first mis-demeanor. We were both going to connect up to the same power supply stand as Bud was connected to. Bud had power, but we could not get power to go through to Kurt’s or my caravan. I got out extra multi-plugs and leads, but nothing seemed to work. We even unplugged Bud’s proven “live” lead, and put Kurt’s lead into its place. Still nothing. We called for the resident Handyman to come and have a look, and just as he was examining the connections, Rosalie from near her and Kurt’s caravan, shouted out to us that Kurt’s lead from the power supply stand, was not even plugged into their caravan. It was a classic “ice-breaker”, and the hilarity and laughter continued throughout the weekend.

Shortly thereafter, Les and Barbara arrived, making up the fourth family. While I quaffed on a “cold one” courtesy of Kurt, Les started setting up. He resisted all offers of assistance preferring to build up a thirst all of his own. With the temperature well into the 30’s, it did not take too long for that to happen. Barbara told me that she hoped we were going to take our usual tickets in Powerball that evening, as she was on a roll with luck and she felt we could all be winners. Sadly, we had our worst results ever, so going forward watch out when Barbara says she is feeling lucky. Bud and Cathy’s 19-year-old granddaughter Candice very quickly slotted into the Trekkers mode, adding a great youthful exuberance that has been missing for far too long in Laager 1.

It was almost still too hot that evening to sit in front of a fire, but as Jaffles were the order of the day, it did not take too long for all the “irons to be in the fire”. It has to be admitted that there were one or two Jaffles that were incinerated, (Kurt’s and mine), but by and large, all went down very well. Most of us retired shortly after 23H00. Aircons and fans could be heard humming. That is, until around 07H15 the next morning when some were awoken by what we thought was the loud tapping of some giant Woodpecker. Turned out to be, (you guessed it), Kurt “tapping” in his awning that had not threaded correctly into the channeling. Most were too polite to say anything, but not our/my, intrepid Sandra. More comments and laughter which at one time or another, carried on for the whole weekend.

Saturday was again very hot, and pretty soon the beers were flowing again, followed later by some “holding the bed down” until an early Tea Time that is. With a braai scheduled for later that evening we did not want to take the edge off our appetites, but for four families the array of eats was very impressive, and enjoyed by all. With the weather looking somewhat ominous we lit the braai fire and got stuck in. The rain mostly held off, but the wind made it too unpleasant for us to sit around a fire that night. Around 22H00 with the wind still howling, we all called it quits and retired. During the night the wind did die down, but we awoke to cloudy skies. Some of us took advantage of the break in the weather to pull down side-walls etc. With breakfasts done, we all met under the Prinsloo’s awning for Indaba. Fred and Joan being indisposed, the 100 Club draw was postponed until February at MacNicols, where we will have a double draw. All that was left was for me to identify myself as the “Spoon Man” and rip everybody off.

Kurt was a “Fine-Masters” delight as one thing after the other came up, (or down). I could hardly keep pace with the number of times Kurt’s caravan roof went up or down over the weekend. I’m sure there had to be a reason for this. Watch this space. Also puzzling, was the fact that Kurt only lowered two of his caravan’s steadies, both on the same side. He paid the fines, but the reasoning will be explained at another time I’m sure.

We all packed up a little earlier than normal because of the threatening rain, but altogether a thoroughly entertaining Outspan to kick off 2020.


As you all know from Hugh’s messages, not only was the bakkie indisposed but also Fred, but now, after almost every scan, Xray, blood test and scope available, Fred is back home after 9 days in hospital, sans gall stones and bladder, and feeling much, much better. We both thank everyone for their concern, love and ‘get well’ messages; they were really appreciated.

Barbara Prinsloo has also had a medical problem recently; we all hope that everything is back to normal and that you are also now feeling much, much better – I sincerely hope that nobody else has had to visit a doctor recently; let’s have a very healthy Laager 1 2020!!

And now for some ‘nice’ news

he Actons eldest daughter, Toni and her husband, Rob, will be back in SA again soon – enjoy your time together.

The Moutons will be in the Cape this month, starting their building programme with ‘Ouma’s granny flat. Good luck and we all look forward to hearing all about the progress next month.


As soon as you have finished reading this Newsletter and you have not already done so, let me [Joan] know on either my mobile or email if, and when, you will be joining us at MacNICOLS CARAVAN PARK.

Thank you,
Trek safely


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