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Weight distribution in a caravan is very important

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Weight distribution in a caravan is very important. It makes the difference between a comfortable ride and a feeling of tiredness when one reaches the end estination.

Throughout the existence of this business we have received much feedback about the stability of our caravans. Most people enjoy the ride, but sometimes we get people who says that something must be wrong with a caravan because it felt like the caravan pushes the car all over the road. The reason for this can be demonstrated in the video below.
The cause is simply the weight distribution in the caravan than is not right.
Weight needs to be dstributed as follows:
Heavy items must go just before the axle

Medium heavy articles must be distributed evenly thgoughout the caravan up to a height of 90cm but not higher.
Light articles canbe distributed throughout the caravan to the roof.

Before towing a caravan, you must first understand all about weight distribution inside the caravan. You need to ensure that the weight distribution is correct so as to ensure safe towing.

On various Forums and discussions amongst caravanners, there have been reports with regards to the un-stability of their caravan. Comments such as: my caravan always fishtails: my caravan seems to push my tow vehicle: on braking, my caravan wants to overtake my tow vehicle, and so on.

The reason some people seem to experience these effects is quite simple. The weight distribution of the camping equipment loaded inside the caravan needs to be addressed.

All heavy items, such as tent, awning, chest refrigerators etc. must be placed directly over the axle. This will ensure that the caravan is stable. Directly over the axle, or slightly closer to the front of the caravan is where the heaviest load must be placed.

Lighter articles, clothing, torches, magazines and so on should be stored in the overhead lockers.

All other articles, camp chairs and tables for example, should not be stacked too high, but placed evenly on the beds and bunks.

By observing these simple rules with regards weight distribution inside your caravan, you will enjoy safe and carefree towing!

Remember to observe the GVM (maximum weight of the caravan) as well as the recommended tow ball weight allowed of the tow vehicle. These weight specifications are stamped on the plate on the tow bar of the caravan.

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